Commission Sales: Why You Don’t Want A Guarantee

Do you like the idea of sales but scared of commission only?  Are you looking for a guaranteed income or salary?  Let me share a few thoughts on the subject…

I get it.  Being in sales and commission only can be scary… especially if you have never done it.  Maybe it isn’t for everybody.  That is fine.  But maybe you will love it!  There is a certain excitement and thrill that you get in sales that is a lot of fun.  But of course, it does mean that your income is going to typically vary.  Learning how to manage your cash flow to be prepared for the lows is very important.

But here is the most important thing you need to understand.  A lot of people want a guarantee or floor so they can survive in sales.  I look at it like this.  If I have a floor then I probably also have a ceiling!  If you want to really be paid what you’re worth, getting good at selling is key.

It may (actually, it probably WILL) be hard in the beginning.  Why?  You are having to learn new things and it takes time to develop a good pipeline before the income really starts hitting your bank account.  There is a delay between the activity you are doing and the income you are earning.  A floor or a guarantee may help you with that delay but more than likely it is also putting a ceiling on your earning potential.

Another way to address this challenge is to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO PAY YOUR BILLS WHILE YOU ARE WAITING FOR YOUR PIPELINE TO FILL UP AND START PAYING YOU.  There were times that I did temporary things to bring income in while waiting for my sales income to catch up with my sales activity.  I bet there are a lot of strong producers who had to “survive” in the beginning.

It may be hard.  It isn’t for the lazy.  You may have to burn the candle at both ends… for a short period of time.  It is called Hustle.  But hard work pays off.  Eventually your pipeline is full from all that activity and you can stop the Uber job or delivering pizzas or whatever else you had to do to pay the bills.

It is a short term sacrifice but the rewards can be massive.  Go make it happen!


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