Where Our Attention Goes

We must pay attention to what we are paying attention to. Our focus and attention directs our energy. It is easy for us to end up in a place where our attention and focus is aimed at the wrong thing.

Whatever we focus on gets bigger. If we want to magnify something, all we must do is focus on it and it will become bigger. Our focus directs our energy and has enormous power much like a magnifying glass can do with the sun.

This power needs to be aimed correctly. Often it is not. We may think it is, but often times we are aiming this power, our attention, at the wrong thing. We can end up magnifying the wrong thing, making the problem even worse.

If someone needs to lose weight and take their health more seriously, this is important and worthy of their attention. But they must aim their attention carefully. If they constantly aim their focus and attention on their weight problem, they may find their problem increases in size. This is the total opposite of what they want.

The same can be said of all problems we face. We can easily become so focused on a problem that without even realizing it, we feed the problem and make it worse. This is why we must pay attention to what we are paying attention to.

Where should we focus? What should we pay attention to? We should give our attention to the solutions to our problems. We should focus on the desired outcomes that we want. Our attention guides our energy. We need to direct it correctly.

Like everything this can be easier to observe in others and more difficult to observe in ourselves. I often observe people who know the desired outcome they want, yet they direct so little of their energy to it. Instead, their attention stays on the problems all around them making them even bigger.

It is tricky. The correct targets are small so aim carefully.

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