Stand Up Straight

When I was growing up my grandmother would always tell me to stand up straight and hold my should back. Of course, I immediately acted on it when she told me, but only to satisfy her so we could move on. I didn’t understand the significance of it so it wasn’t something I paid attention to all the time.

Understanding why to do something is important. We are more likely to adjust our behavior when we clearly understand why we should. My grandmother was right when she told me to stand up straight, but let me explain why.

There is a reason that our military are trained to stand at attention. A man may enter the military with poor posture, but he leaves much different. Why? Because standing up straight changes us and not just physically.

When we stand up straight we send a message to the world around us. It demands respect from those around us, but perhaps the most powerful thing is what it does to us on the inside. The simple physical action of holding our shoulders back causes us to respect ourselves more. It increases our on confidence which can change our behavior which then increases our confidence even more.

Holding our shoulders back and standing up straight can begin a positive cycle because of how it makes us feel and how the people around us treat us differently.

Next time you are feeling a little unsure, pay attention to your posture. Try standing up straight even if you don’t feel like it. Watch how it changes how you feel.

Stand straight. Hold your shoulders back. My grandmother was right.

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