Repeatedly Do This

Actions we take once or even occasionally have little impact for the most part. The actions we take repeatedly have significant impact, either good or bad.

What do we do? What are the actions worth repeating? Jordan Peterson says to repeatedly do things that are worthy and noble. This isn’t a new idea. It has been taught throughout the centuries by wisest teachers and philosophers.

The things we repeatedly do put us on a path. The path leads us somewhere. We should pay attention to the things we do, but we should especially pay attention to the things we do repeatedly. If we are repeatedly doing things that are not noble or worthy that path may be leading us to a bad place. It may seem OK at first. The path may provide some immediate and short term gratification, but it leads to a place none of us want to be. Maybe we know someone who took this path. They never had intentions of ending up at this bad place, but the path of repeatedly doing things that were not noble and worthy lead them there. It led them to a place of desperation.

All of our actions will never be noble and worthy, but we can pursue it. We can repeatedly do more of them. The more noble and worthy things we do can crowd out the less worthy. This puts us on another path. Most of us want to know our destination. What is the title or even occupation? What is the purpose or meaning? We may not know those answers, at least not at first. All we know is the path of pursuing what is noble and worthy leads us there. We will discover the full meaning some where along the way.

We do not need to know exactly where it leads. All we need to know is that the place it ends up is good. We all may stumble off this path at times, but we can get back on by pursuing and repeatedly doing the things that are worthy and noble.

What are you repeatedly doing?

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