The Best Investment You Can Make

I am a strong believer in saving and investing.  Not sure if I was just born that way or raised that way or a combination of both!  But I have always enjoyed saving and investing money.  Whether you are young and just starting out or have more experience in life, I’ll share the absolute best investment that you will ever make!

I think we all want to know that guaranteed, home run investment.  That one investment that we make that turns a $1,000 in to millions of dollars!  It may not be the type of investment that you think, but that guaranteed investment is “YOU!”

You may have heard it before, but no question the best investment or investments that you will ever make are the ones that you invest in yourself.  “You” are your number one income  producing asset!  Yes, it is great to invest in assets that generate income for us.  We should all be doing that, but before we are ever doing that, we should be investing in ourselves.

Our world changes at incredible speeds.  We need to constantly be learning new things to stay ahead.  We all have the ability to grow and learn new skills.  Just yesterday an older (and wise) man was telling me how continuing to learn new things even after he retired has been so important to him.  It is what keeps us sharp.  We have to keep striving to improve and get better.

So invest in yourself.  Invest in great books to help you learn.  Invest in training in your your specific field.  Invest your time and money to get around the right people who can help you move to the next level.

Don’t sell yourself short.  A small investment that you make in yourself along the way could end up earning you millions of dollars.  So keep investing in you.  Never stop learning.



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