3 Hobbies

I heard one time that we should all have 3 hobbies. I’d like to say where I heard it or read it, but I don’t recall. Nonetheless, the idea stuck with me.

A hobby is something we enjoy doing. We strive to get better at it. We find satisfaction and even relaxation from doing it. So here are 3 hobbies we can all benefit from having.

  1. A hobby to make money – the idea here is to find something that we enjoy doing that also earns a living. I don’t think it simply means start a side business or job. It could, but can also mean finding a career that you enjoy or learning how to enjoy what you are doing. View it as a hobby. View it as a game that you can get better at over time and hopefully find satisfaction from doing it.
  2. A hobby for creativity – find a hobby that challenges you to be creative. Creativity helps keep our mind sharp, but sometimes as we get older we stop being as creative. So finding a hobby that encourages this can be very beneficial to us.
  3. A hobby to stay in shape – we all know the importance of exercise to stay healthy long term, but it can be challenging. What if we found a hobby that we enjoyed but also kept us in better shape. Of course, we may still need to do other exercises, but a fun hobbie can be a foundation piece for our health.

When I heard this, I identified these different hobbies in my life. Some I hadn’t been as intentional about but after considering the long term value, I realized I should make them more of a priority. It also challenged me to view my work as a hobby. I didn’t change what I was doing, but maybe viewed it from a different angle.

What are your hobbies?

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