Sand Crabs in a Bucket

When we went to the beach as a kid, I loved going out on the sand just after the sun went down to catch the sand crabs. They start coming out at night so it is a fun challenge to see how many you can find, catch and throw in your bucket. It is a tradition I kept with my boys as we took summer vacations to the beach.

Any time we had a rookie hunter with us, they would usually ask the same question, “How come the crabs don’t escape?” Our bucket was never very big and it didn’t have a lid on it so the crabs could escape. There is an easy solution to this problem. Simply put another crab in the bucket and then another and you don’t need a lid to keep them in. Why? Because they keep each other in the bucket. As soon as one is climbing and about to escape, another will grab it and pull it down. Problem solved.

We aren’t so different. We are created with unlimited potential. We live in a free country with out a lid to keep us down, yet we still must be careful. Too often people do life or have the wrong people in their bucket. If our bucket is full of people who want to pull us down and don’t want us to succeed, it can keep us from climbing out!

There is one important difference between us and the crabs. We get to choose the people in our bucket. So choose wisely. It is hard to rise up when everyone is pulling you down. Find the people who want to lift you up and who you can help lift up. Put those people in your bucket and you can climb your way to freedom together.

Who is in your bucket?

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