This Will Always Be Needed

The speed at which change happens with technology today is mind blowing. If we just go back 5 years, our world looked so drastically different.

The covid 19 pandemic seems to have propelled change in the market place even faster. People are connecting and working virtually using all the new technology that continues to get better each day. Established businesses and brands are dying while new ones are being born so fast.

The change is so rapid that it can be difficult to know what skill sets will be needed in the future. Technology will replace many jobs. It already has and it will only continue. There are 2 skills that will never be replaced by technology. These skills are valuable today and they will be in the future no matter how the world changes. What are they?

The ability to lead people

The ability to solve interesting problems

Technology won’t replace those things and they will always be needed. Seth Godin says that those are the skills that would be valuable to teach to our youth. So much of our educational system is designed to teach people how to do things that technology can replace. We need to make sure we teach these skills because they are timeless and will always be necessary.

The great thing about these skills is they can be learned by all of us. We all have the ability to lead within us. We may not be great at first, but we can learn to lead better. Each of us are unique and can solve different problems in our unique way. This involves creativity and thinking outside the box.

There will always be new skills we need to learn as we adjust with the changing times, but these 2 timeless skills will always be in high demand.

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