We Are All Story Tellers

Story telling is a gift. To be able to capture the attention of an audience when telling a great story is an art. People have become wealthy simply for their ability to tell stories. Some based on facts and some totally fictional. It doesn’t matter. We all love a great story. We pay multiple monthly subscriptions just to be able watch and listen to new stories.

Some learn how to properly tell their stories to the world and they make millions for it because we love to be entertained. But we all have the gift of story telling. Most of us rarely share our stories with the rest of the world. Maybe with certain individuals, but mostly we keep them to ourselves.

They are incredible stories nonetheless. They are based partly on facts but mostly fiction. Fiction we have made up about our own lives and a story we have created about ourselves that we rehearse and replay for an audience of one over and over. We have told the story so much that even though it is mostly fiction, we have forgotten that. To us, it has now become real.

We are the actors and the audience of our stories, but the good news is that we are also the writers. Maybe it is time we step back and listen to our stories. Pay better attention to them. Give ourselves some credit for being such great story tellers! And then maybe we should use our God given abilities to write a new story for ourselves. Let’s rehearse this new story enough that the rest of the world eventually gets to hear it even if you never actually tell them.

You are a gifted story teller. What stories are you telling yourself?

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