Maybe it is a sign that I’m getting older. I don’t think proper sleep was something I thought much about in my 20’s.

Now, I consider a good night sleep one of the foundations to a great day. In fact, I think of sleep as the starting point of my day.  If some one asked, “How do you like to start your day?” My answer would be “With a good night’s sleep.” Yes, that is followed by my normal morning routine, but a great day starts with good sleep.

Think about the days when you get hardly any sleep. You may have great plans and intentions for that day, but isn’t it hard to be your best on those days? Don’t you find your patience with other people just isn’t what it should be?

We can’t get great rest every night. Life happens. Some times we have to push through with little to no sleep. But at least we should try.

I’m not a health expert. I just try to pay attention.

Do I have better days when I start them well rested?

How much is too little (for me) and how much is too much (for me)?

What are the little things that I do at night (things I can control) that tend to keep me up?

What foods that I eat tend to mess with my sleep?

Do I get more consistent sleep if I always wake up at the exact same time in the morning (and try to go to bed at the same time)?

These are some of the questions I like to ask. We are all unique, but I do believe we all have better days when we start them well rested.