Don’t Be A Quitter

Yesterday, I wrote that winners quit. It is what is required to be the best. Today, I’m going to contradict what I said. Not really contradict but tell the other side.

Quitting is a terrible habit. It is necessary and required of us to pursue excellence at something but it should be done intentionally to make room for something better. Unfortunately, too many people quit because something is hard. That is not a reason to quit something.

EVERYTHING without exception that is worthwhile is hard at some point. Marriage, raising kids, a job, starting a business or even a ministry will be hard at times. Winners don’t quit. They push through. Yes, they may quit the unimportant to make room for the important but that is a very deliberate decision.

Quiting can become a habit. It can become easier the more we do it so we need to be careful about quitting something simply because it is hard or we don’t like it. Find someone who has lived their life on the pattern of quitting. Look at the results. It may have started small, but quitting became so easy that they simply quit everything when it got hard. This is a dangerous pattern.

Developing perseverance is foundational to success in life. Learning how to quit the good things to make room for the great requires wisdom, but first we must develop perseverance.

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