Is It Really a Disadvantage?

All of us have challenges and things that seem to be a disadvantage. If I asked you to share your disadvantages, I bet you could come up with a pretty long list!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is no exception. His early life was filled with what most would consider huge disadvantages especially for the goals and the career path that he had set for himself. One example was his extremely strong accent and massive build. He had decided that he would go from being a body builder to an actor, but he was told by all the experts that he was crazy. They told him he would never be a huge star in America because of his accent and his incredibly massive size. They told him he was too big for the screen.

How did he respond? What did he do with this disadvantages? He embraced them. He decided to make them his greatest assets. He identified roles that only he could pull off like The Terminator. It was a movie that needed a man built like a machine and someone who didn’t speak fluidly. He literally turned what was said to be his greatest disadvantages and made them advantages. He went on to become the number one highest paid actor in the world.

It doesn’t matter if you love The Terminator. It is a great lesson that we can all learn from.

How can you turn your disadvantages into advantages?

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