Clear the Fog

Anxiety is a real issue for so many people. I am no exception. I don’t remember the exact age, but I was young the first time I experienced it. There are people who have experienced it much worse, but I have dealt with it enough in my past to understand it.

Full disclaimer: I am not a doctor and have zero qualifications to offer any medical advise to anyone! Anxiety has a strong grip on so many and there is a lot to be said on the subject. I have read and studied a lot on it over the years.

One thing I have learned for me is that anxiety is almost like a fog. It is this feeling that something is out there but you just can’t pin point it or see it clearly. It leaves you with this uneasy feeling.

Again, there are many ways to address anxiety, but one thing I like to do is clear the fog. That is how I think of it. In other words, try to identify the things that are bothering me. I’m not offering advice on how to deal with the dragons, but just clearing the fog and looking straight at them sometimes makes them run away. Other times, we realize they are tiny and we can slay them instantly.

It may require more. We may need a lot of prayer and support to get through. But it never hurts to clear the fog. Often times this enough. Clearing the fog and shining a bright light in the direction of the dragon is often all it takes.

Next time you are feeling a little anxious, try to clear the fog. It might help.

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