Do I Have to Finish It?

I love to read good books. Few things make us think and challenge us to grow like reading.  I’m a slow reader. I wish I was faster, but it takes me a while. It doesn’t really matter how fast we read, but what we learn from it.

Over the years I have observed what sometimes throws me off or messes with my reading habit. One of the things I noticed is when I get stuck in a book that I’m just not connecting with for some reason that my reading slows way down.

I may skip my normal reading times or not read as long when I’m not connecting with a book.  Finishing things is important to me. I’m not sure if it is my personality or what, but if I start a book I feel like I have to finish it. Over time I realized I needed to get over that.  I needed to be OK with putting a book on the shelf when I’m only half way through it.

That felt a lot like quiting to me as crazy as it may sound. But once I recognized that it was actually hurting me and my overall reading habit, I got over it. After all, I am reading to learn, grow and apply what I’m learning.

So now my strategy for reading is different.  Most of the time I do finish a book, but any time I get stuck, I’ll put it on the shelf.  I can always go back to it and I often do.  Maybe right now that book just isn’t for me or maybe only the first few chapters were for me. I’ll move on to the next one.

This strategy keeps reading more exciting for me. Now if you are a person who has never finished a book, this may not be for you.  But if you are a consistent reader who sometimes gets stuck, maybe you should give this a try.




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