The Next Year Strategy

When it comes to setting goals, I have always found that shorter term goals are most effective.  It is easy to set a 5 year, 3 year or even 1 year goals, and then do absolutely nothing to achieve it.

I have observed this with people.  It is so easy to get excited over a big, long term goal.  It sounds good, but when we commit to a short term plan, it forces action out of us.

I love monthly, weekly, and daily targets.  They work.  They deliver results.  However, it is also good to step back and look at the bigger picture.  As business owners, for example, we can get caught up in the day-to-day operations and hitting our monthly numbers that we don’t look further down the road.

I think of this as the Next Year Strategy. Most of our energy and focus needs to be on executing now! We need to deliver now, but we also need to think about next year at the same time.  What are the things we need to put in place to be ready when next year comes?  Maybe it is a certification that we will need next year.  Maybe it is interviewing and finding the talent that we will need to have in place to hit next year’s goals.

Executing and hitting our short term goals are important, but so is thinking strategically.

Are you thinking about next years moves?

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