One More Rep

We have a saying that we repeat all the time in our business. My business partner was a college athlete and loves to study the greats.

There are so many things in common between sports and business or sports and sales.  So much of what it takes to be successful in one applies equally as much to the other.

So often when you hear stories of the greatest athletes in the gym, you will hear how they always did one extra rep or they did just a little more than was required of them.  Why? Because it is a mindset. It gives them confidence knowing they may have done more while everyone else quit. It also inspires their teammates to push harder.

This mindset is equally important in business and life. My business partner, David, loves to say “One more rep.” It is a part of the culture of our team. When we feel we are done and have done all we should do for the day, that is when we put in one more repetition.

It is such a small thing, but it delivers big results long term.  When you are tired and ready to give up, just do one more rep!

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