I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again!

Yesterday, when having some conversations with people who were getting knocked down a bit, I was reminded of that that old catchy song:  “I get knocked down, but I get up again and you’re never gonna keep me down.”

It is a catchy song to sing when we are getting knocked down. We all get knocked down. Certainly sales professionals get knocked down, but it is also just a part of life.  Getting back up is simple advice and easy to say, but it can be much harder to actually do it.

Get back on the horse.  When someone falls off a horse, they are instructed to get back on it.  We all know know this advice. The other important part of the advice is time.

This isn’t talked about as much, but I believe it is something that the more successful people do.  I’ve observed this when working with people.  Many people get knocked down and eventually get back up however they often stay down a little too long.

Maybe we need a break. Maybe we need to recover, but this can be dangerous.  If we get knocked off that horse and wait too long to get back on, fear may take hold. If not fear, doubt may sneak in and take up too much space in our head.  The only way to keep those enemies at bay is to get back up faster.

We all know we need to get back up when we get knocked down, but pay attention to how long it takes you. Don’t lay down too long!

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