The problem with problems is they never go away. Yes, sometimes we create more problems for ourselves by our stupid decisions, but either way problems are a part of life.

I had the privilege to know a great man named, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. He talked about problems this way. He said, “You are either getting over a problem, going through a problem or your headed for one!”

There is no escaping problems in life.  No matter how well we plan and how intentional our decision making, we will experience problems in life.  I’ve heard it said it is more positive to call a problem a challenge! Maybe so, but call it what you want, we all have them.

So rather than complain to the world about our problems maybe we should embrace them and get better at solving problems.  If we are going to lead, whether our family or church or business, we have to get better at solving problems.

As I write this, we are in a very interesting time in our country and in the world because of the Covid 19 pandemic that we are living through. So many people are divided on what we should do and how we should handle this.  Our world as we knew it changed when this giant problem hit us. It generated an endless ripple throughout almost every industry.

Just take the restaurant industry.  The number of problems they face to continue their business is mind boggling. These are problems that weren’t on their radar not too many months ago. With all these problems also brings opportunity for many because people will be solving problems. When they offer real solutions to these problems, the world will pay them for it.

Problems often bring opportunity for those who get good at solving them.  Either way, we all will experience problems so we might as well learn how to overcome them.

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