“It’s Scrapable”

I have eaten a wide variety of delicious foods from all around the world.  Few things are better than a simple slice of toast with butter.

Growing up, my mom would often make me toast. More often than not she burned it.  It is actually incredible to think how often she would burn a simple piece of toast. To her burning a piece of toast just wasn’t a big deal.  She would simply remind us in her upbeat tone, “It’s scrapable!”

It happened so often that if you were to stop by and visit you would probably notice the layer of black, burnt toast scrapings on the bottom of the kitchen sink. My mom was able to salvage even the most burnt pieces that most would consider not good.  It may have had holes through out where it had to be scraped all the way through, but she made it work.

As I reflect back, I learned a great lesson from my mom’s approach to toast making. We all have plans and goals about the way we think or want things to turn out.

We want our vacation to go a certain way.  We want our business growth to go as planned. We want the wedding to turn out a certain way.  But life doesn’t often go as we planned. In fact, it usually doesn’t. But that’s OK. It isn’t ruined.

My mom rarely made the perfect piece of golden toast.  It wasn’t what she planned. It wasn’t what most would call a good piece of toast. But maybe it was. Maybe it was the best piece of toast because it turned out ok and even gave us more fun memories than we otherwise would have had.

So when things aren’t going as planned, look on the brightside. Find the positive.   It’s scrapable.

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