Making Your Bed

Where do you stand on making your bed?  Some are those on the side that feel there is no need to make the bed because we will get back in it anyway.  I’m sure much of this stems from people’s natural personalities.  Some prefer neatness and order over chaos.  I don’t like clutter (and unmade beds).  I prefer things in their proper place.

However, I think there is more to making your bed. If it was just about tidiness, I wouldn’t think much of it. I would leave it unmade more often.

Making the bed in the morning does two things for me…

It gives me an early win. It may seem small, but I did something. Maybe I’m half asleep, but I made my bed. Some days it may be my first win. Yes, it is small, but a great day is full of small wins. It is rare that we get a big win. Some days we may be blessed with a big one.  Mostly, they are just little ones. So making the bed is a great little win to start the day. It is something.

The other thing making the bed does is remind me that I can clean up something in my life today. When making my bed, I am cleaning up the mess I made while sleeping.  I’m straightening the sheets to put a little order back from all the chaos. I can do that.  Making the bed is something I can fix.  What else can I fix? What other chaos in my life can I put order to today? What other small things can I clean up in my life today?

We have a lot to clean up today.  We can start by making our bed.

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