Fail Often… But Not Too Big

I heard this idea recently and it really made me think.  Failing is a part of life.  You really can’t succeed big at anything without stumbling along the way.

Fear of making mistakes.  Fear of failure. Fear of how we may look to the rest of the world holds us back.  We have to be willing to be bad.  We have to be willing to fail if we want to succeed… at anything. It is a part of the process.

So we need to embrace the failure and fail often. But here the idea that was interesting. It caused me to think.

We need to fail often, BUT NOT TOO BIG.

If we fail too big, it may take us out of the game completely.  If that happens, then we can’t fail often!

So as we go through life, I think that is an important thought to think on as we evaluate decisions.

“If I try this, what is the worst that can happen?”

“Can I fail, learn something valuable and try again?” Or “If I fail, will this take me out of the game completely?”

We need to stay in the game.  We need to fail OFTEN but not too big.


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