Are You A Talker?

Are you a driven, goal oriented person?  Are you a dreamer with huge plans to change the world?  Allow me to offer a little advice that may be helpful on your journey to massive success.

I have found that people often find satisfaction in talking about what all they are going to do.  I guess it can give us a sense of fulfillment and significance when we talk about all the things we are going to do.

If we have a desire within us and we know what we want to go do, it can be very tempting to go talk about it and tell the world all the things we plan to go do, but in my life experience I have found that it is a whole lot easier to talk about what we are going to do than it is to actually go and do it!

The world is full of talkers.  Doers are the rare bread.  The doers are the ones who take actions that line up with their talk.  Heck, often times the doers don’t even talk at all because they are too busy doing!!!

I’ve been guilty.  I’ve been a talker especially when I was younger.  I could talk a big game, but after a few failures and some self awareness I realized that the key to success is being a doer.

This isn’t just for business.  It applies to our personal lives as well.  We all know that our kids watch what we do way more than what we say.  Actions matter.

Now, there is a place for talking.  We should have people we can do a little talking with especially a mentor or people who will challenge us, but we should be real cautious about going around always talking a big game.

The leaders are the doers.  So which one are you?  Are you a talker or a doer?

Let’s DO IT!


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