Good Intentions are Overrated

Talk is cheap. It is easy for us to talk a big game. It is easy to talk about all the things we intend to do.

Action is what matters most. John Maxwell says, “The smallest action always surpasses the greatest intention.” The smallest action! That is the secret. Good Intentions are overrated. Take action. Be deliberate.

John Maxwell often shares the riddle of the frogs on a log: “Five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decide to jump into the water. How many are left?” The answer is all five are still on the log because deciding isn’t doing! We have to decide and then deliberately act!

As we approach the new year, all of us are reminded to set new goals and resolutions. I love to set my goals for the coming year, but remember it makes no difference if we don’t act… the smallest actions make all the difference.

You can do it!


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