Say No to Snoozing!

One of the greatest enemies of success is procrastination!  It is a deadly killer of success.  We have to battle it if we want to reach our full potential.

I have to be honest and admit that procrastination has been a personal enemy of mine.  I think some personality types do struggle with procrastinating more than others, but that is just an excuse.  God gave us the ability to make choices, and we can choose to ACT NOW!

Procrastination is deadly because it makes the thing we are avoiding gain more power over us.  If there is something we are avoiding because we are scared, it will only become more scary and more powerful with time.  If we are avoiding something because we think it will be too hard, it will only become harder with time.

Procrastinating gives our power away.  In fact, there can be something very small that wouldn’t be a big deal to do, but if we procrastinate on that thing long enough, it can become so powerful that we never want to face it.  This is why is so critical to act fast.  It is critical to kill the little ant before it becomes a powerful bear!

One of the greatest tricks I ever learned was to kill the snooze button!  There was a time in my life that I would snooze my alarm clock multiple times in the morning.  But one day I learned that I was literally procrastinating on starting my day!  If procrastination is really such a success killer, why should I start my day with it?  I killed my snooze button on that day many years ago, and I have not snoozed a single time since.

I now set my alarm the night before and I always get up on the first alarm!  I believe this single strategy has helped me fight off the success killing enemy called procrastination more than anything else.

One other advantage is you will probably never miss another morning appointment again.  Any time I hear someone miss a morning appointment due to their “alarm messing up” I always ask if they snoozed.  People have a tendency to turn their alarm off by mistake when snoozing and can cause them to miss important morning appointments.

So I suggest you kill your snooze button once and for all!  I suggest you fight off the enemy called procrastination!

Do it… TODAY!!


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