Hold the Line

It is only natural that we want the easiest path to success. It is normal to want the greatest gain with the least amount of effort, but it isn’t the way life works.

The truth is the greatest achievements take time. We have to get rid of the thoughts of overnight success and immediate gratification because they do us no good.

Success takes time. And more than that success comes from so many small things that we do right over time.  When people succeed at anything, they know it wasn’t just one thing they did right. They know it was thousands of small things that they did right consistently.

So we must HOLD THE LINE on the seemingly insignificant little things. All those little things that many will say don’t even matter, but they do. It is those little things that make all the difference. So hold the line on getting up early. Hold the line on reading every day. Hold the line on making that extra sales call every day.

Hold the line on all the little things and you will succeed. And then you can smile down the road when someone asks your secret to success.

Hold the line!


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