Decision Management vs. Decision Making

Making decisions can be exhausting.  Most of us do not like making decisions.  It is why when we are finally “off” for the day and it is time to go out to eat, we usually select the same places.  It is just easier to not have to make a new decision.

This is why it is important to learn how to manage decisions instead of constantly having to make new decisions.  Life will always present us with plenty of opportunities to have to make new decisions.  But there are many decisions that we just need to make once.

John Maxwell says, “Without management, a good decision dies.  With management, the decision lives on.  That’s why decision managing is at least as important as decision making.”  In fact, John Maxwell wrote an incredible book called “Today Matters” that really dives deep on this subject.  It is one of my favorite books, and I highly encourage you to read it.

Decision management is about making a quality decision and then taking responsibility to manage that decision daily.  Often times we make a decision but we aren’t fully committed to it and then the next day comes and we are forced with the emotional drain of having to make that same decision again.

Marriage is a great example.  When we make a real commitment to our spouse that is big decision that we should make once, but then every day we manage that decision that we made to make the best of it.  Charlie Jones, author of the book “Life is Tremendous,” used to say it this way, “Make a decision and then make it right.”  That is just another way of saying to manage our decisions.  It is actually much easier to make a decision one time than to constantly be faced with the same decision over and over again.  We will always be making decisions, but they should be NEW ones not the same old decisions that we already made in the past.

This principle applies to your sales career as well.  What income would you like to achieve in 2018?  What are the activities that you need to commit to in order to achieve that goal?  Break it down monthly, weekly and daily?  Are you willing to commit to that activity?  Is your spouse on board with that plan?  Make a quality decision (commitment) and then manage that decision throughout the year.

You can do it!



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