Find Your Running Buddies

Being an entrepreneur and being in sales can be lonely at times. It comes with big ups and downs.

Most entrepreneurs and people who earn their income based on 100% commission don’t have that consistent weekly pay check  (especially in the beginning) like most do in a typical job. There can be low months as well as super high months. Through out my career, I have found it extremely important to have running buddies.

These are people who are in a similar situation as you and share the same core values as you. They may or may not be in the exact same business as you, but it is similar enough that they relate with what you are going through. I have found having these relationships is very helpful when you experience a slow or down time. They help remind you that it is normal. They also help you remember that this “low” is a lot higher than the last one!

These running buddies also give you someone to celebrate with when things are going well and you are reaching new highs.  If we go tell others about our great month we just had or our new personal record, they don’t usually understand. It can also come across as bragging about your success. But people in your similar situation understand.

So I believe it is important to find people with a similar skill level as you. I would encourage you to find people slightly ahead of you as well. And be sure they share your same core values. These relationships can challenge you and be one of the major keys to your success in sales and entrepreneurship.

To your success,


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