Small Disciplines = Huge Success

For many years, I have been obsessed with this idea that the little things matter. Success isn’t about getting a couple big things right. If you study successful people or successful businesses you will find that success came as a result of thousands of small things compounded over a long period of time.

It take discipline to create new, positive habits. It is those habits that create long term success. We have to be intentional in our lives about developing the right habits.

If we are not intentional, we will find ourselves developing lots of poor habits and end up in a place that we never wanted to be. Whether it is ending up in a mountain of personal debt, having relationship challenges or gaining 30 pounds, most of us don’t set a goal to intentionally end up there. We get there “by accident.” We get there by not paying attention to the tiny little things in our life that turn in to negative habits that have huge negative effects.

Those little things that seem meaningless by themselves have very big negative consequences. The opposite is also true. When we are intentional about creating positive disciplines that turn in to habits in our lives, the outcome is amazing.

What are some simple disciplines that you can focus on to help you create positive long term habits in your life?


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