President’s Club Trip to Barcelona, Spain

I love incentive and rewards trips.  I have always enjoyed traveling and visiting new places around the world.  If you are in sales or in the insurance industry and you have rewards trips available to you, I encourage you to work hard to earn them.

There are a lot of reasons to work your butt off and earn these trips.  For one, you will probably go visit places and do things that you might not do on your own.  Every incentive trip I have ever been on has been first class treatment and made me feel appreciated for my hard work.  But one of the biggest reasons to earn these free trips is it helps you to set clear short term goals.

Long term goals are great, but what gets you taking action is when you have a shorter term goal right in front of you that forces you to take action now.  Incentive trips can help you with that.  Obviously, income is what you want most.  When you are earning free trips, the income goes along with it.

Most incentive trips have a 6 month to 1 year time frame that you have to qualify for the trip.  This is perfect because it gives you a 6 month goal that you can focus on.  If you have never earned a free trip, it can seem overwhelming.  That’s why you need to break it down.  For example, if there is a trip that requires $1 million dollars in production credits over a 6 month period, just break that down.  That is only $166,000 production credits a month.  And if you break it down by week, it is only $41,000.  Can you hit $41,000 in a week?  What do you have to do in order make sure you hit that number?  How many calls?  How many presentations?  Sales is a predictable.  Know what your numbers look like so you can create a clear plan to hit the goal.

Different industries will have different terms and ways of qualifying, but the concept is the same.  Whatever it takes to earn the trip in your business, just break it down so you have a clear weekly target that you are focused on.

I encourage you to put pictures up of the trip you will be taking.  Get excited about it with your spouse if you are married.  Instead of just going through the grind and doing the same old thing, it gives you something new and excited to be focused on.

We just got home from Barcelona, Spain.  It was an incentive trip that we were own with several friends and business partners.  It was a blast!  Here is a little highlight video:

If you have incentive trips available to you in your business, I hope you set a goal and run hard for it.  The first trip you ever earn is the hardest.  But anything you do once, you can do again!  It is a huge confidence booster when you earn your first trip.

You can do it!


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