Know the Formula

If you are going to succeed in selling, you need to understand the numbers.  This is one of the first things that I do with a new producer that I am working  with.

Sales can seem so unpredictable.  Straight commission-only can be scary.  You may think that you will never be able to have consistent income because there are factors beyond your control.  It is true that you can have super high months but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a consistent income.  Being able to have the huge highs is what makes sales so much fun!  Most people in a regular job are stuck with the same level income all the time.  In sales, you have the ability to create consistent income but without a ceiling!

But it can be scary, especially in the beginning!  So you need to understand the formula for the business you are in.  The exact sales process may vary, but there is a process!  If you go find a top producer and ask them, I can assure you that they can rattle of the numbers of the entire process.

Whether you are selling from home or face to face, it is a numbers game!  So the first thing I do when I am working with someone is walk them through the formula.  I want to provide clarity!  I want to show them that what seems very unpredictable can in fact become very predictable.  We have to be willing to do the work.  We can’t just push a time clock and expect to get paid!  We have to go out and make it happen.  But when the numbers and the plan becomes real, it is so much easier to take action.

I don’t ever set someone’s goal for them.  People can set their own goals based on what they want and what they are willing to go do.  But once someone understands the formula, they can set real goals and know it is just a matter of time for their income to catch up.

Do you know the numbers?


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