The One Thing…

Are you looking for that “one thing” that can help you explode your business?  Are you looking for the secret to becoming a top sales producer?

We all want the short cut.  It is totally natural to want to win with the least amount of effort.  Here is the truth.  It would be great if there really was a “secret.”  It would be great if there was only one thing.

I remember hearing John Maxwell tell a great story that went something like this…  Someone once asked, “what is the one thing I need to know in order to succeed?”  He answered, “The one thing you need to know is that there is NOT just one thing!”

It is so true.  If you compare a top producer to an average producer, you will see there isn’t just one big difference between the two.  In fact, if you don’t look close enough, you may not even notice much of a difference at all!  But there is a difference.

The successful sales person is winning not because of some secret but because of a whole bunch of little things!  It is true in sales and it is true in every area of life.  Think about someone that is in great shape.  Did they just buy the right workout video on one of those infomercials?  Of course not!  They probably wake up a little bit earlier than most so they can exercise while the rest are sleeping!  They probably chose the healthy salad at lunch instead of the heavy cheeseburger and fries with a massive soft drink!  It is the little decisions that they make over time that equal success.

Winning in your sales career is no different.  It is about following up when others don’t.  It is about shaving and looking your best EVERY TIME you meet with a prospect.  It is about making those extra few calls.  It is all the little things that make a huge difference… over time.

So what are the little things that you can start doing that will make a big difference?  Start small.  You don’t have it fix everything today, but you can fix something!  It is the little things that make all the difference.

To your success,


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